Inspired and designed by the blind community, for the blind community

A picture of two inverted Bonocle devices (a black computer mouse shaped device) floating on top of each other. The bottom one shows the devices front view. The top one shows the devices back view.


Bonocle is a portable uni cell braille device that acts like a controller for your smartphone. It’s innovatively and ergonomically designed to work like an infinite line braille display

A close up of Bonocle's widest section. This section at the top of the device contains the braille cell surrounded by buttons. Next and previous button on each side and the Middle button below the braille cell. The device and buttons are different shades of black while the middle button is colored in teal. Under the middle button is the Bonocle logo in white.


Bonocle leverages its hardware using applications developed and optimized for you to work, learn or play. You experience the applications through tactile and auditory feedback such as braille, haptics, and scree reader/voice over and interact with them through buttons, motion, and speech.

Three icons of Bonocle's app categories. Productivity, education and gaming.

How does it work?

Step one

Download the Bonocle companion app and pair your Bonocle device.

Step two

Browse our application library through the app and download the ones you like.

Step three

Get immersed in awesome tactile experiences

Our applications fall under three categories. Productivity, education, and gaming. Each with its growing library of applications developed and optimized to work with Bonocle.

A collage of the icons of 15 Bonocle apps and games. At the bottom of the collage is the icon of the Bonocle companion app in a bigger size than the other icons.


Stay focused Anytime, Anywhere.

Get the help you need to stay productive. You can read, keep track of your goals,navigate sheets and tables, and make measurements. These applications will help you get work done, get around, and stay on top of your life.


This app will allow users to read PDF documents using the Bonocle device.

Import and read books and documents from your device or from bookshare. Adjust the app to match your reading style, speed and comfort.

A graphic showing a Book titled Bonocle Reader it has Headphones around it and Bonocle in front of it indicating you can read and listen to the book at the same time.


Navigate tables and sheets in a 2 dimensional space. Move freely between the cells and do better data analysis with Bonocle.

A picture of a printed empty excel grid.


Bonocle is now your personal counter. Keep track of your daily habits and tasks with this easy and simple to use counter app.

A picture of a counter tool.


Keep on learning, it’s never been easier.

The education category is for students who want to learn braille or practice their school subjects. We partner with schools and education systems to create an entirely personalized learning experience for each student through Bonocle. You can learn on your own or with the help of a tutor or the entire community.


This app will allow users to learn the braille alphabet and numbers in any language.

Learn braille alphabet and numbers in any language. Learn on your own or with a friend, parent or teacher. The best strart to your braille journey.

A picture showing the letters A, B, and C in print and their braille equivalent.


Solve crossword puzzles and improve both your vocabulary and spelling. A challenge that is both fun and educational.

A physical board with letters placed on it.


Dictate any word and let Bonocle show you how to spell it. Its the best companion for quick spelling checks. Create spelling lists and get quizzed on them anytime with Bonocle.

A picture of a spelling game.


Immerse yourself in our arcade of games

Playing games in braille adds an immersive layer to a gaming experience. Endless runners, platformers, action games, arcade games, board, and card games. Single-player and multiplayer. All our games are optimized to be controlled by Bonocle, and we will keep them coming as you keep playing.


An endless runner for endless fun.

Help Bo prove his worth as a guide dog by getting him through this obstacle course at the park.

A picture showing Bo. An animated character of a dog. Bo is a robotic guide dog. He is a golden Labrador with some robotic elements like the end of his tail. the front part of his Torso and his left front leg as well as a robotic left ear and eye.


Fight invading spaceships as they attack planet earth. Upgrade Bo’s spaceship and take on tougher waves of enemies to protect the earth.

A picture showing Bo's invaders logo with a pixel art animation of the planet earth behind it.


You are the goalkeeper in a soccer game. Play solo or against a friend and block those incoming shots.

A picture showing some of the audience in the Flick & block game cheering for their team.


Picture of the Bonocle which is a black computer mouse-shaped device that contains a Braille cell with buttons, next and previous button on the side and the button below the braille cell.



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