A young Bonocle team is standing around a desk in their office brainstorming Bonocle's features. Ramy's back is towards us while another team member is looking towards Aly and gesturing his thought. Aly stands looking at him, preparing to respond.

Their old logo is on the desk, and in front of it is an old braille display. Their chairs are tucked under the desk, and the background shows an office environment.

Bonocle who?

Twenty-Twenty. A number that marks one of the most challenging years in our entrepreneurial journey and the reason behind why we wanted to start this blog. It also marks one of the primary vision criteria behind our customer selection. (Sorry, not sorry). Two years in and after Bonocle's soft launch, here we are. You managed to get yourself to this blog. You already know what we are working on, so I won't bore you with an introduction to our startup but rather to who we are as founders and what we want to achieve with this blog.
Aug 12, 2022