Bonocle is the most powerful braille platform ever created. Its power is taken advantage of when used alongside an iOS or Android smart device to gain access to applications for work, education, or gaming. You can also use it as a standalone device to read or practice in braille.

Apps that unlock the full potential of Bonocle

With the Bonocle Reader app you can count on it to read, browse and take notes from books and articles written by your favorite authors. Utilize our multiple reading modes to find the one that suits you best.

The best way to learn braille with the guidance of a mentor. Select from a variety of braille educators nationwide or even worldwide. Become an educator yourself and help others all over the world.

Fancy some fishing? An immersive fishing experience utilizing all the motion capabilities of Bonocle. Challenge your friends and try to catch the biggest fish.

Working on graphs and need to review them? This app lets you trace graphs instantly and helps you detect errors and mistakes quickly so your workflow is not delayed.

Learn braille or brush up on your reading skills with the alphabet app available in any language and at anytime.

Help a guide dog reunite with her owner and scale the alpine mountain range. Guide her through obstacles, jumps and sticky situations all the way to safety.

Our app library is just starting out and theres many more coming your way!

Tech Specs


Matte Black with Teal Accents


16 GB Internal Storage*

Size and Weight

Height: 142mm (5.66 in)*

Width: 64mm (2.52 in)*

Depth: 31mm (1.22 in)*

Weight: 150 grams (4.5 ounces)*



1100 mAh*

Braille Interface

8 dot braille cell


Compatible with iOS and Android OS


Bluetooth 5.0

Buttons and Connectors

6 Buttons and 1 Switch 

USB-C connector

In the Box


USB-C to USB Cable

18W USB Power Adapter

*Specs subject to change during development