Bonocle Tutorial

Beta Phase

Bonocle Platform

Version: Beta

Bonocle’s Beta version is the first prototype of our entertainment platform. Our goal is to create a small, portable device that can provide access to a growing range of software apps and benefits.


Bonocle is in the shape of a computer mouse. It has one braille cell in the top most and widest section of the device. The braille cell is surrounded by three buttons. A previous button located on the left of the braille cell. A next button located on the right and an action button below the braille cell.


The device is going to have a matte black finish with the action button colored teal for a nice contrast. On the back of the device is the On/Off switch and next to it is an opening to allow the laser beam to pass through.

This photo shows Bonocle from a top view. Bonocle has an inverted pear shape. The wide side holds the Braille cell surrounded by navigation buttons.

Downloading the testing Apps

Version: 1.0

Read time: 4 mins

All our applications are currently being tested on the testing platform within the iOS App Store. To download our apps, please follow the below process.
    1. First, please open the links sent to you. If you do not have the testing app “Test Flight” on your device, you will be prompted to install it in the App Store. Please follow the steps on your screen to do so.
    2. Once the app is downloaded and open, you will be able to then install the app to be tested. Please allow the app to use bluetooth in order to be able to connect it to Bonocle.
    3. While testing the app, you can take screenshots and let us know if you have come across any problems
Please note, when opening different applications for Bonocle you must restart the device each time.
An image of the test flight app on the App Store.
This image shows the share feedback feature through the testing apps. Press the power button and the volume up button to take a screenshot and send us some feedback directly from the app.

Bonocle Reader

Version: 1.0

Read time: 4 mins

This app allows you to read content in braille using Bonocle. It features multiple customizable options to match your preferred reading style and setup. The app supports PDF file formats as well as full support for Bookshare.

  1. To open any PDF with the Bonocle app, simply use the “open with” feature on iOS and navigate through the list to the Bonocle reader app.
  2.  Upon launching the app, you are presented with a list of the books/documents that has been previously opened with the app. You can navigate through the list using the voice over feature and select one of the documents to initiate the bluetooth connection with Bonocle.
  3. Bonocle will vibrate to signal that the connection is successful. You can then start reading by sliding Bonocle on any surface to the right to move through the content. Similarly, you can slide Bonocle to the left to move backwards through the text.
  4. While reading, you can move to the next page by clicking the next button. Move to the previous page by clicking the previous button. The action button will stop/start in auto scroll and tilt mode. In motion mode, the action button will read out loud the current word you are reading.
  5. You can add a bookmark by navigating to the bookmark option using voice over in the app header.
  6. To change the settings, navigate to the app settings using voice over. The settings list contains the following:

Braille Cell Mode: This option lets you change the way Bonocle acts when switching between letters.

  • Vibrate Mode: Bonocle will send a small haptic nudge to signal movement through the text letter by letter.
  • Flush Mode: The braille cell will return to neutral position after each letter is displayed and before moving to the next letter.

Braille Code: This option allows you to change through the different braille codes. Default braille code is UEB Grade 2

Reading Mode: Here you can switch between the different ways you can read with Bonocle.

  • Motion Mode: This is the default mode. You slide Bonocle on top of any surface to navigate through the text. Sliding Bonocle to the right allows you to move through the text while sliding to the left lets you go backwards through the text to re-read a letter, word or sentence.
  • Auto Scroll Mode: In this mode, the braille cell will progress through the text automatically.
  • Tilt Mode: In this mode, the braille cell will move through the text as you tilt the device clockwise. You can also move backwards through the text by tilting the device anti-clockwise.

Speed/Spacing: Under this setting, you can customize further the spaces needed to move between letters and lines. You can also control the speed at which the letters change in both Auto-scroll and Tilt Modes.

  • Horizontal Spacing: Here you can change the virtual space between letters while sliding left and right in Motion Mode.
  • Vertical Spacing: Here you can change the virtual space between lines while sliding up and down in Motion Mode.
  • Auto-Scroll Speed: Here you can change the scrolling speed between letters in Auto-Scroll and Tilt Modes.

Kindly note, Bonocle will be collecting data on your reading behavior for statistical research and development purposes. We are not collecting data on the content you are reading nor are we able to view it. Data collected includes reading speed, preferred reading mode and potential repetitive behavior.

This picture shows a screen view of the reader app opened to the first page of "A Tale of Two Cities".
This picture shows the settings options within the reader app.

Braille Alphabet

Version: 1.0

Read time: 2 mins

This app lets you learn the braille alphabet. It uses Bonocle as well as voice over to provide an easy learning experience. The app currently supports English and Arabic languages.

  1. After launching the app, a grid of the english alphabet is shown followed by the numerical values from 0-9.
  2. Navigate through the letters using the next and previous buttons on Bonocle.
  3. Upon selection of any letter, the voice over initiates to explain the dots that represent the selected letter. The braille cell on Bonocle will also display the same.
  4. You can use the action button to repeat the audio explanation.
  5. When reading numerical values, the audio will explain the dots representing the number. Bonocle on the other hand will show the numeric indicator followed by the braille representation of the number.
This is a screenshot showing the visual feedback of the Alphabet app and is displaying the letter G.

Tic Tac Toe

Version: 1.0

Read time: 2 mins

Tic Tac Toe is a simple game where you play against a friend or the computer to mark spaces in a 3×3 grid using X and O as player symbols.. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row is the winner.

  1. The app opens to display the 3×3 grid. Before you start the game, you can switch multiplayer mode by navigating through the app using touch
  2. If you initiate multiplayer mode, you will be asked to disable voice over to allow the 2nd player to play using the screen.
  3. Navigate between the cells by sliding Bonocle on the surface. Bonocle will vibrate softly between each cell and will vibrate vigorously at the end of the grid.
  4. Press the action button to insert your symbol. Bonocle player is set by default to the symbol O.
This picture is a screenshot of the Tic Tac Toe game.


Version: 1.0

Read time: 2 mins

Hangman is a guessing game where the players must guess the word in question. The game displays a number of blank spaces equal to the number of letters that form a randomly selected word and the players must guess the word within a certain number of guesses. (Before the man is hanged)

  1. The game launches with a view of the blank spaces forming a randomly selected word.
  2. You can move through the letters by sliding Bonocle left and right to navigate the blank spaces. Bonocle will vibrate when moving between spaces.
  3. The braille cell will display dots 7 and 8 to represent a blank space and the letter representation for a filled slot.
  4. Use the onscreen keyboard to guess a letter. If the letter is incorrect, you will hear an audio message “Try again”. If the letter is correct, you can navigate through the spaces to see where it has been placed. 
This picture is a screenshot of the game Hangman.


Version: 1.0

Read time: 2 mins

Uno is a famous multiplayer card game where the object is to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Based on the top card on the floor, you are allowed to play specific cards if you have them or draw more cards until you are able to play.

  1. The game launches with a selection option to choose the number of computer opponents. The game is set to multiplayer against a sighted opponent as a default. You can also input your name in the next slot and start the game using the select button.
  2. The game starts with each player having 7 cards in their hand. Use the previous and next buttons to move between your cards. 
  3. The cards are represented with braille shortcuts. For example, A Blue 7 will show on the Braille Cell as B7. Move the device on the surface to move between the characters representing the card.
  4. Wild cards are represented by the following: Wild card: W. Wild card +2: W+2. Skip: CS (C is the color). reverse: Cv (C is the color). Draw two: C+2 (C is the color).
  5. Once you are set on a card to play, press the select button to play it. If you need to draw, double press the select button to draw from the pile.
  6. The game speaks every move so you always know the top card on the floor.
This picture shows a screenshot from an Uno game

Thank you for your support

We are as close as ever to launch. Bonocle is nearing completion and it’s all thanks to your support. It is what drives us to continue to work and push ourselves regardless of what is needed and we won’t stop.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas, concerns or just for a quick chat