Introducing Bonocle

The next-gen assistive technology device for the visually impaired. Unlike any other available solution, Bonocle provides the broad access to digital content that the visually impaired community has long awaited. Bonocle utilizes the medium of braille to allow the user unprecedented accessibility to the wide array of electronic devices while maintaining a user friendly and natural reading experience.

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Unprecedented Access At The Tip Of Your Finger

Elegant Design

Bonocle is designed with your comfort in mind. With Bonocle you can expect an exquisite design that does not only look good, but feels good.

Utmost Portability

Bonocle is your long term companion, whether you’re on the bus, at work or at a restaurant with friends; Bonocle fits right into your pocket.

Extremely Affordable

Bonocle was made to fit your needs, priced conveniently to allow the entire visually impaired community to attain the wide access it provides.

Open Platform

Bonocle is made to work with the devices you like. Whether your an IOS enthusiast or an Android admirer, with Bonocle you can read books, browse the internet and interact on social media the way you prefer.

A Design Inspired By You, For You.

A design made from multiple iterations inspired by your feedback to meet and perfect your ergonomic needs. The parts highlighted in orange represent the rubber side grip areas that have been added to provide better ergonomics while maintaining a strong anti-slippery hold so that the Bonocle always remains firmly in your hand. The black areas are plastic that is well finished to allow your hand a smooth flow over the device while conserving the stylish look that is Bonocle. With a weight you can fully grasp, the Bonocle is something you will gladly show off to your friends.

Universal & Precise Conductive Tip

Conductive rubber tip flat surfaced and wide enough to provide smooth swiping on screen without tipping over while remaining relatively small to provide the experience you love on the devices you enjoy.

A Button You Can Identify

The power button adapts an inwards curvy shape that you can instantly feel familiar and comfortable using. It is made from a flexible rubber that provides the feedback necessary to identify the state of the device.

Read Braille Your Way.

Bonocle uses one of the most responsive braille cells, one that allows you to read at your own pace. The positioning of the braille cell has been designed to allow your finger the comfort of moving over the cell in the direction you prefer.

Our Team

Abdelrazek Aly

Chief Executive Officer

Abdelrazek is Chief Executive Officer at Bonocle. With a background in Computer Science and a broad experience in technical and commercial aspects of product development, Abdelrazek has led several teams in creating  apps and products and hence uses his experience to guide the company towards successful strategies. His ability to combine technical and commercial knowledge is key to the company’s success.

Ramy Abdulzaher

Chief Financial Officer

Ramy is Chief Financial Officer at Bonocle. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Ramy has worked on developing several products and has taken control of the entirety of the financial matters related to them. His expertise and detail oriented nature allows Bonocle to keep track of all the financial affairs related to the development and operation phases of the product in the most thorough and comprehensive manner.

Mahmoud Eltouny

Chief Marketing Officer

Mahmoud is Chief Marketing Officer at Bonocle. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Mahmoud has used his extremely well developed social skills to tackle leadership roles in leading teams aimed at delivering a product or service to a certain slice of the society to achieve the needs of the targeted customers by leading successful marketing campaigns backed by his deep connection and understanding of the public community.

Kariem Fahmi

Chief Technology Officer

Kariem is Chief Technology Officer at Bonocle. With a background in Computer Science, Kariem has been in several positions where he was given the role of taking the majority of the technical initiatives. His distinguished experience in current day technology allows him to innovate in any subsequent area where a challenge persists. Kariem’s experience is exactly what is required to develop Bonocle to a technically viable and effective product.